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The impact that GDPR is going to have on the day to day running of our childcare settings means there are going to have to be some big changes to the way that we perform day to day jobs and the way in which we manage data.  It is really important that alongside the implementation of changes that we need to ensure compliance with GDPR that we also make all aware of what GDPR is so that they have a full understanding of their obligations under GDPR and why the changing that are being implemented are being made in your setting.

This course has been developed to help your staff understand what data is and what their individual and employers obligations are under GDPR regulations.

As part of the GDPR for childcare staff you will gain an understanding of:

  • Understand the purpose of the GDPR.
  • Be able to explain what data is
  • Understand your obligations under GDPR and your role within your childcare setting
  • Understand what your rights and the rights of others are

Successful candidates will be awarded the National Nursery Training GDPR for childcare staff Completion Certificate.

Upon Successful completion you will receive a certificate confirming course completion.  Accreditation is provided by National Nursery Training. This can be used to provide evidence for compliance and audit.  The purpose of this qualification is for the update and continued professional development (CPD)

National Nursery Training is an accredited CPD Training Provider #776846 with the CPD Accreditation Group

Duration: 1 hour

Suggested progression:

Course access is valid for 365 days from date of purchase.

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