The importance of gender neutral play in early years

//The importance of gender neutral play in early years

Gender neutral play might sound as if a new thing to a number of people but it is rising in popularity. Even though the pace is slow, more schools and parents are becoming aware of this practice. It is a good sign because it is one of the most important things for the current time. Many people do not understand the value of gender neutral play in early years. Additionally, some people oppose such activities.

The main reason behind such a mentality is the presence of a number of stereotypes. Such stereotypical thinking leads to a number of difficulties. Still, there are a number of reasons for supporting gender neutral play in childhood.

Gender inequality- a rising issue

At any sphere of life, one can easily spot gender inequality in practice. In various professions, gender inequality is easily visible. That is so because the society has been a male dominated for a number of centuries. Participation of women in active and powerful professions was limited for a long duration of time. Professions like lawyer, politician and engineer, are completely filled with males.

With gender neutral play, one can remove any kind of future possibility of gender inequality. It will enable the children to develop social harmony and a better mindset in this regard.

Delicate minds and stereotypes

Presence of stereotypes is one of the biggest vices of the modern society. Stereotypical thinking hinders innovation and causes slow growth for the entire nation. Children should be free from any kind of stereotypes so that they can develop critical thinking abilities and problem solving attitudes. When boys and girls will not face any stereotypes in their early years, they will become better people.

It will help both the child and the society in the future. Statistics come into play here as around the globe women’s participation in important fields is either too low or negligible. It is happening because of stereotypical thinking. Gender neutral play will help the children in developing a healthy mindset in this regard. Children will grow knowing that everyone has equal opportunities in the world and no one should be kept behind because of gender issues.

More opportunities in future

Girls can become great leaders. There are many inspiring women in a number of fields. The best way to increase the participation of women in male dominated industries such as science, research and management is through introducing gender neutral play. Children will successfully develop good mindsets without having any difficulty in this regard. Girls will be able to advance more in the society and therefore, provide a better future to everyone.

It is an easy task

Moreover, introducing gender neutral play is not a hard task at all. It can start from any preschool and household. Along with that, parents can develop harmonious and healthy mindsets in their children by practicing the same ideology in their homes as well. They can lead by example. Such tasks are not hard at all.

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