Paediatric Emergency First Aid Level 3 (6 hour)

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The Emergency Paediatric First Aid course is a stand-alone qualification that matches the content of Unit 1 of the two-day full Paediatric First Aid course.

The Level 3 Award in Emergency Paediatric First Aid qualification is ideal for anyone who cares for infants and children, such as: parents, guardians, grandparents or those who have a professional involvement with infants and children and want to learn key paediatric first aid skills.

This qualification provides Learners with the opportunity to develop the basic skills and knowledge needed to deal with a range of emergency paediatric first aid situations which could arise when looking after children.

The EYFS statutory framework states that at least one person who has a current paediatric first aid (PFA) certificate must be on the premises and available at all times when children are present, and must accompany children on outings. The certificate must be for the full course consistent with the criteria set out in Annex A of the framwork. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS COURSE IS ONLY DAY 1 OFF THE FULL COURSE AND IS THEREFORE NOT THE COURSE TO FULFILL THAT REQUIREMENT.

Childminders, and any assistant who might be in sole charge of the children for any period of time, must hold a full current PFA certificate. PFA training must be renewed every three years and be relevant for workers caring for young children and where relevant, babies.

Providers should take into account the number of children, staff and layout of premises to ensure that a paediatric first aider is able to respond to emergencies quickly.

All newly qualified entrants to the early years workforce who have completed a level 2 and/or level 3 qualification on or after 30 June 2016, must also have either the full PFA or this emergency PFA certificate within three months of starting work in order to be included in the required staff:child ratios at level 2 or level 3 in an early years setting.

Providers should display (or make available to parents) staff PFA certificates or a list of staff who have a current PFA certificate

Candidates who have completed this qualification are also eligable to complete day 2 of the full paediatirc first aid course. There is a time scale of 6 weeks for this to be completed.

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As per Annex A: Criteria for effective PFA training. Taken direct from the Statutory Framework for the early years foundation stage

Unit 1: Paediatric Emergency First Aid

  • Be able to assess an emergency situation and prioritise what action to take
  • Help a baby or child who is unresponsive and breathing normally
  • Help a baby or child who is unresponsive and not breathing normally
  • Help a baby or child who is having a seizure
  • Help a baby or child who is choking
  • Help a baby or child who is bleeding
  • Help a baby or child who is suffering from shock caused by severe blood loss (hypovolemic shock)

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Successful candidates will be awarded the Level 3 Emergency Paediatric First Aid certificate valid for 3 years

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Accreditation is provided by National Nursery Training in accordance with the Health & Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981

Although it is not a requirement, Ofqual certification can also be provided at an additional charge per person

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Duration: one-day (6 hours)

Group size: Recommended 12; Maximum 15 Candidates per 1 Trainer/Assessor

Assessment method: Activities, test paper, practical assessments

Pre-requisite: None

Suggested progression:

  • Paediatric First Aid two-day (12 hours)
  • Recommended annual refresher training;
  • Requalification training every three years ;

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