Asperger Syndrome Awareness (Level 2)


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There is a “hidden disability” that is creating a massive problem for early years providers. Understanding Asperger Syndrome and the impact it can have on early years provision is crucial. It is essential that your early years practitioners understand this condition.  Our targeted training resource nurtures inclusivity and promotes positive outcomes for all learners within your early years setting.

Aspergers is generally recognised as being a milder form of autism and it is important that the full autistic spectrum is considered when learning about this condition.This course is designed to help you enhance your relationships with individuals affected by Asperger Syndrome. You will understand the characteristics of the condition, how it is diagnosed, and the challenges it presents to individuals and families in their personal and working lives. You will also learn how you can provide support and build on the strengths of those living with the condition.

As part of the National Nursery Training Aspergers’ Awareness course your will gain an understanding of:

  • Understand what Asperger syndrome is
  • Understand the qualities and strengths of someone with Aspergers.
  • Understand the Difficulties in communication that somebody with Asperger may experience .
  • Understand Sensory differences.
  • Identify Physical Signs.
  • Understand a range of strategies for use when working with a learner with Aspergers


Successful candidates will be awarded the National Nursery Training  Asperger Awareness (Level 2) Course Completion Certificate.

Upon Successful completion you will receive a certificate confirming course completion.  Accreditation is provided by National Nursery Training. This can be used to provide evidence for compliance and audit.  The purpose of this qualification is for the update and continued professional development (CPD)

National Nursery Training is an accredited CPD Training Provider #776846 with the CPD Accreditation Group