25 09, 2018

Selective Mutism


Selective mutism has not been recognised medically as an anxiety disorder for very long, but is actually experienced by 1 in 140 children. It usually starts during childhood and can continue into adulthood if it is left untreated or there are significant underlying issues. What is selective mutism? Selective mutism is a form of anxiety disorder and is characterised as an inability to speak in specific social circumstances. These circumstances could involve multiple people, such as within a class [...]

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6 09, 2018

Early Years Wellbeing


Wellbeing is a concept which is very familiar to adults, and improving wellbeing is often seen as a life goal. The concept is just as relevant for early years children too and should form an intrinsic part of nursery care. Why is wellbeing important? Wellbeing in modern times represents a lot more than just being healthy or being OK, it is about flourishing and blossoming at life as a means to achieving potential. For children, having a sufficient state [...]

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30 07, 2018

Safeguarding and the Early Years Foundation Stage


The wellbeing of all children at your childcare setting is of prime importance, and safeguarding forms a key element of that. What is safeguarding? The Government has recently issued guidance on safeguarding and the definitions that sit behind it (Working Together to Safeguard Children – 2018). Safeguarding is wider than child protection, which relates to protection of children from significant harm arising from neglect or abuse. Safeguarding covers the following: Protection of children from maltreatment Preventing any impairment to [...]

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